Over the past three years, we’ve explored Portugal’s vines and wines, trying a broad variety from every region…the project started as a quest to taste one new wine each day in the leap year, 2016. We almost succeeded! Now, we’ve clearly surpassed that mark in value wines, and we continue our quest in 2018, 2019, and 2020 taste another “366 Vinhos” at higher price points…still finding extreme value amongst the wines of Portugal. Such riches for lovers of wine!

As we’ve spent 2021 now exclusively on U.S. shores, our Portuguese wine tasting has taken a different tack–but we’re still seeking out gems from producers we know and stay in touch with back in Portugal.

We’ll post those tasting notes and photos here for you to consider. From time to time, we’ll also feature select herdades, adegas, and quintas we have particularly enjoyed. Join us!

Adegas Beira Mar

Adega Regional de Colares

Adega Viúva Gomes



Casa Relvas

Casa Santos Lima

Casal Sta. Maria


Filipa Pato

Graham’s Port Lodge

Herdade dos Templários

José Maria da Fonseca


Quinta do Avelar

Quinta da Murta

Quinta de Chocapalha

Quinta de Paços

Quinta de Sant’Ana

Festival da Nossa Terra, Quinta de Sant’Ana

Quinta de Soalheiro

Quinta do Convento

Quinta do Gradil

Quinta do Monte d’Oiro

Quinta do Piloto

Quinta do Vale Meão