Welcome to 2019, and a brand new year of wine tasting with us! If you’ve followed our Tasting Notes through 2018, you have a sense of how we approach wine–with an open mind, a trend towards good value, and a soft spot in our hearts for the small producers doing innovative projects in Portugal.

We continue down a similar path in 2019, seeking out both those quintas, adegas, and herdades you see on the shelves in your neighborhood market or wine store (both in Portugal and elsewhere)–and those producers you may not yet know about but who develop and convey the soul of Portugal through their enological efforts.

We’ll also give insight into the larger wine producers that lead the charge in promoting Portugal’s wines outside the country–with a particular focus on diverse regions you may not yet know. We’re based in the pequeno Colares DOC, within the viticultural region of Lisboa, so we’ve had a chance to know more deeply the terroir here. We’ll do similar explorations as we did here, and in Alenquer, to bring that understanding to you.

Please let us know about your experiences with the wines we feature, and tell us about the areas you would like to understand more thoroughly.

Cheers to a wine-filled 2019! Saúde!

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