Hard to believe we’re starting our third year of reviewing a wine every week from Portugal…and we still have a lifetime of those wines in front of us. Portugal’s vinous bounty seemingly knows no ends…

For 2020, it looks like we’ll be reporting on Portuguese wines from the United States. I took the helm of the world’s most widely read aviation magazine, Flying, back in October 2019, and we’ll be here in our little corner of Portuguese-inspired living in Maryland for the time being, at Vivenda Vista da Paz.

Fortunately, Portuguese table wines have gained traction and shelf space against the traditional mainstays of Portuguese wine in the U.S. (namely Port and Madeira), so we will spend 2020 seeking out those decent values and quaffable selections from amidst the local wine shops as well as the larger retailers.

And we’re back around to another Leap Year! My wine reports took on the name “366 Vinhos” as I’d moved to Portugal in time for the 2016 leap year–and figured there was at least one decent Portuguese wine for every day of that long year. So join us for another round, and let us know what you think!

Tasting Notes: January 2020

Tasting Notes: February 2020

Tasting Notes: March 2020

Tasting Notes: April 2020

Tasting Notes: May 2020

Tasting Notes: June to December 2020

2 thoughts on “2020 Vinhos”

  1. We just discovered Fiuza 3 Castas in our local Continente last week! They make a pretty good red for the price at €3.99 a bottle! How’s the port market over there?

    1. Limited in what you can find here in Maryland. Going to Virginia nets more diversity because of the distribution system. Most of our favorite small producers go into NY, VA, or NC rather than our state because the barriers are too high.

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