Through our own exploration, we have found magical places in Portugal. Our favorites to share with you comprise this handful of select foodie finds we’ve made, both near the town we call home, and further afield. We love fresh and local foods, interesting people, and attention to the grand scheme of things. We’re not vegetarian, but nearly all of our favorite places tend to have bio, organic, and, yes, vegetarian and vegan delights. We believe in reducing waste, as we see it wash up on the beach in our town every day–so we favor those folks who love what they do, and love the planet too.

Click below to follow our savors around Portugal!

Santini, Cascais

Ka Sushi Cave, Cascais

HopSin Brewpub, Colares

The Garage, Alcântara

Casta 85, Alenquer

Páteo Velho, Atalaia

Quinta do Arneiro, near Gradil

Tábuas, in Vàrzea de Sintra

Roulote da GiGi, near Almoçageme

Aldea, in Janas

Água e Sal, in Azenhas do Mar

Farah’s Tandoori, in Carcavelos

Bar do Fundo, at Praia Grande

Festival do Mexilhão in Praia das Maçãs

Há Pão Chouriço in Praia das Maçãs

Chef pouring caldo over mussels during the Festival do Mexihao in Praia das Macas during Semana Santa