For 2018, we’re focusing on quality, the incredible variety of wines available at moderate prices…with a few special bottles thrown in! In Portugal, you can typically find great wines for €5-€20, both in stores and at the adegas, or wineries.

Case in point: We celebrated the New Year, or Ano Novo, with a lovely, biscuity espumante from Caves de Montanha, in the Viticultural Region (VR) of Bairrada, which we picked up at the local market for less than €10. In fact, we had the pick of the shelf at that price point!

A note on our tasting notes: We like to keep them short and fun, and fairly general, as we understand that each person’s palate finds varying flavors in a single glass. Impressions also change with the setting, or the meal, or your health on a given day. We’re not degreed in viniculture, but we’ve done time in the restaurant industry, and we’ve been avid home cooks and wine collectors for decades, in both the US and Europe. That said, we’ve both qualified under the WSET program for wines.

That said, this year’s exploration should give you a feel for the treasures we find here every day.

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