I’m Julie Boatman Filucci, and with my partner, Stephen Yeates, we launched Broken Azulejos in December 2017. Yes, my love for Portugal started with the tiles, but there is more to it than that. I founded JulietBravoFox Media in 2013 to embrace opportunities in aviation education, content development, and marketing consulting. Our collaborative quest to seek out the stories of the people producing wine and good things to eat here began when we first saw the Sintra coast several years ago.

Our experience runs deep. I grew up with wine, and my father started his cellar before I could sit up at the table. I worked in restaurants during and after college, and developed my own cooking style at home among friends and family. My study of wine has recently gained an official stamp with my completion of the WSET Level 1 and 2 Wine courses in Lisboa.

Though I write from my point of view, the photos you often see accompanying the stories are Stephen’s work, and his knowledge and skill with wine and in the kitchen influences much of what I write. Many of the recipes come from his inspiration and experience as a restaurant owner in London and a chef/owner in Spain. Stephen holds WSET 1, 2 & 3 accreditation as well, and our tasting notes combine to reflect what we present to you.

Join us as we explore Portugal, and savor its food, wine, and countryside, and get to know the people who form its soul. Our tastings, unless noted, are non-blind, but we make a practice of purchasing most of the wine and food we discuss. Where this is not the case, we state so clearly.

Follow our 366 Vinhos adventures, and find new spots to try through Savoring Portugal. Every other week, we post a new story in Follow the Tiles. Also find us on Instagram (@brokenazulejos), Twitter (@julietbravofox), Facebook (@brokenazulejos), and Pinterest (Broken Azulejos).