Minho Dreams

A year ago, we took a trip up through the Dão and across the Douro and into the Vinho Verde region of Portugal, following the harvest. Since we’re far away from our beloved land right now, I thought I’d share additional photos from that trip–especially those from a walk that traced the river near Monção.

We based in Paredes de Coura, and drove up for the day. The late summer had officially ended but the strong sun’s rays kept after us, so we found a shady path along the Rio Minho, the river that forms the border here between Portugal and Spain.

The dogs enjoyed a bit of a run in the less crowded parts of the trail, but because it was the weekend, we still encountered families out for a walk. We also encountered local backlash against one of the main drivers of the economy and tourism in the area–the grapes of Vinho Verde. Alvarinho is one of the main components of popular vinho verdes found in the U.S., but even more interesting when vinified on its own. It benefits from the cool climate here just as it does as alvariño in Rias Baixas to the north in Spain.

We found a bar just opening for a drink in the late afternoon–not an easy task in the off season. The cerveja replenished our stores and propelled us onward for a walk through the historic city center at Melgaço. When we return to Portugal, we want to return here…perhaps to stay.

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