Colares Close to Harvest

On my runs throughout the spring and summer, I ended my long loop running past the vines near Fontenelas: those famous Colares grapes.

They lay dormant over the winter, and then came into budbreak in late spring. I followed their progress as I added the miles. I watched owners of the plots tend to them, and plant new vines that will someday grow as robust as the twisted trunks of the ancient Ramisco and Malvasia de Colares vinhas.

Halfway through September, I’m 4,000 miles away. Commitments to family and work have taken me away from Colares for a while–and I’m missing the harvest for the first time in four years. I’m feeling the saudade.

Our friend, Eugenio Couto, who is a tram driver for the eléctrico between Sintra and Praia das Maçãs, has kept track of their progress for me. We met him through GuruShots–we follow each other on Instagram, and his pictures have been a lifeline to the little DOC we called home.

We’re sharing his photos with you here, and hope you share our joy that the harvest appears imminent. Until I can run through the vines once more, I’ll keep these pictures near to my heart–and lay away those wines we saved for a future worth waiting for.