Santini, Cascais

One might think that there’s nothing new to share about the most famous gelato spot in Cascais, Santini. Sure, it has opened an outlet on the main road next to Acadia–purveyor of delicious port-wine flavored macarons–but that’s not really life-changing.

The flavors range well through chocolate to coconut, fruits of all kinds, and local tastes enough to please anyone. They craft their gelato from fresh fruit in season, so go when the figs ripen in August, for example, or the cherries during late June or early July.

But if you want the real pro move, take advantage of a new offering they have made, the waffle sundae. I would argue this is now the best brunch in Cascais.

Order it topped with chocolate syrup or chantilly (whipped cream) or both–and choose your fruits if you wish to feel somewhat virtuous. But go in before noon (they open at 11 am) and you’ll have the place to yourself (almost) and skip the lines that inevitably form after lunch.

You can sit outside at one of the tables and watch the world go by…those poor folks who are not having a waffle smothered in goodness for their breakfast.