Ka Sushi Cave, Cascais

A few months ago, a friend invited us to try the latest sushi restaurant in a town (Cascais) that feels like it has one on every corner. But she proved correct: Ka Sushi Cave manages to stand out like a tall, gorgeous poppy in a field of lovely flowers.

We brought visiting friends to meet Sanya, the hostess, during a festive occasion last week, and I’m afraid it turned into a bit of a street party. She pulled tables together in the alley next to the Travessa Frederico Arouca, and started us off with bottles of Juste vinho verde in branco and rosé.

The gyoza dumplings launched our meal, and they came out tender and savory as they should be. I probably could have had all dozen of them, but it was kind of me to share, I suppose. The edamame, both with a traditional salt and a spicy version, were next, and I enjoyed the extra piquancy of the pepper blend. One of our table ordered the sunomono, a lightly pickled cucumber salad, and I’m glad we had enough for us all to share.

For sushi, we shared a soft shell crab roll, and a tuna roll topped with flying fish roe, plus a special warm roll crafted for us by the kitchen with more crab, and smoked eel. Sanya also asked us to try a sashimi dish of salmon, tuna, and yellowtail with truffle oil, and we called it divine. For dessert, we had more wine…and she turned up the music so we could dance in the alley as we toasted the Independence of the United States.

Tv. Frederico Arouca 9, 2750-476 Cascais; +351 918 728 509