Pointing the Way

Street azulejos mark Portugal's ruas and travessas even as they lean into the sunset.

Follow the Tiles

Above Portugal

A new view of the country unfolds as you see it from above.

Join Us Aloft

Tiles of Discovery

Though fallen and thrown in a tip, the ship is no less of a ship.

Follow the Tiles

Broken Azulejos

Through the stories that unfolded as I collected bits of tile, flowers, sea glass, and stones, I'll share with you my discovery of Portugal. Since moving here more than two years ago, my exploration of the land and love for the friends I've made has deepened.

Now I invite you to walk beside me, tasting the flavors and wines, climbing the rocks that palisade the coast, and listening to the music of the oceans and forests.

366 Vinhos

I set out in 2016 to taste a new wine for every day...an ambitious project! Two years later, I have travelled through Portugal via its wines, and I share my notes on quintas, adegas, and herdades, as well as specific wines each month.

Savoring Portugal

As an avid cook and food enthusiast and seasoned traveler, I've found a number of restaurants and foodie havens in Portugal worth sharing.

Window Sky