Bar do Fundo, at Praia Grande

One of my earliest memories at Bar do Fundo happened in March a couple of years ago when my mom and I walked over the hill in search of dinner. We enjoyed polvo (octopus) in two forms: polvo arroz (stewed in its broth with rice), and polvo á lagareiro (tender and roasted in olive oil). What a fine introduction to Portuguese specialties for my family!  Our experiences at this well-run restaurant with a “beach shack” vibe have always been spot on, and it remains a standard place for us to take visiting guests for a meal we know they’ll enjoy.

Bar do Fundo advertises on their view, and they are not wrong. The sunset from the deck grips you as one of the best in Portugal–if not this hemisphere. But the food shines as well. The “couvert” includes a trio of housemade patês that change with the seasons, but normally features a tuna or salmon, plus a vinaigrette, and a riff on aioli, accompanied with breads and flatbreads. The goat cheese salad is one of my favorites, and it’s vegetarian friendly, as is a risotto that changes with the seasons. We’ve celebrated by sharing the special lombo (beef tenderloin), or stayed simple with a bitoque. The wine selection is good and well priced. Reserve a spot on the deck whenever the weather is nice; they will provide blankets as the sun dips below the waves.

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