Água e Sal, in Azenhas do Mar

We have made many long and joyous lunches and dinners with friends at Água e Sal in Azenhas do Mar, as it’s one of the highlights of our region west of Sintra on the coast. The quality and preparation of both mariscos (shellfish) and peixes (fish) excels, especially as they tend to arrive paired with vegetables in season rather than the heavy sides traditionally served.

The carrot soup, when on the menu, is delicious, as are the house-made paté and baked cheese with fruit compote. All manner of seafood are complemented with alternate choices, and the fish and shellfish of the day can be prepared in a variety of ways. Desserts include the homemade gelato as well as chocolate and cakes. The decor is refreshing and reminds you how close you are to the ocean, with bright blue sea glassware accompanying your meal.

The wine selection includes fresh and local choices, all from Portugal–we’ve had a great unoaked Chardonnay, as well as the white Azenhas do Mar from António Bernardino Paulo da Silva, just up the road. A special favorite was a Syrah we recently had…so take a good look at the wine list. Choose one of the outdoor patio tables in the spring through fall, and don’t miss a walk down to the jewel-box beach.

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