Porreiro, in Praia das Maçãs

*We’ve just received word that the owners of Porreiro seek new investors in the restaurant. We’ll post updates as we have more information*

A year ago, we faced bad news: Our favorite local restaurant, Adega, changed hands, and the past owners, Rafael and Marina, took a well-deserved break. Fortunately for all, the talented pair could not rest for long, and early in 2018, Porreiro came to life in Praia das Maçãs.

Elements of their past success remain firm fixtures in Porreiro. Your meal begins with a couvert including special butters, and ends with an aperitif you can pour for yourself. But the most important? That meal features Marina’s deft touch in the kitchen, and Rafael’s natural and warm hospitality. Together, these elements create incredible value as well as a joyful experience.

Our first of what will be many meals at Porreiro  (which means “nice” in Portuguese) landed on A Dia Da Mulher (the Day of the Woman), and we had the set menu for €15. The entrada was a creamy caesar salad, followed by espadas do peixe, a series of moist and savory fish interlaced with vegetables on skewers over risotto. For sobremesa, a twist on a former favorite: an Oreo mousse. Afterwards, we lingered over our LBV port, and settled our tummies before the walk home. The wine Rafael suggested, a Douro sauvignon blanc, impressed us as a match for the fish, and was a good buy for €15 for the bottle.

A changing executive menu features the same broad lineup of dishes, from couvert to dessert, for about €10, while the regular menu features Marina’s unique renditions of petiscos and Portuguese favorites, taken up a notch and served with polish. We look forward to warm summer days on the patio, and nights of fado to come.

More Info/Getting There: call (+351) 218 043 275

Praceta Navegantes, 2705-320 Praia das Maçãs; Colares, Portugal